By Dan Ciulea

Pécs- Step by Step

Pécs is a little university-city (with 150.000 inhabitants, out of which 25.000 are students). Unfortunately, the only way to get here is by car (there is a small airport, but from December 2013, there are no flights going out , or coming in). Although the town is small, it is pretty. Once it became European…

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By Gabriel

Genoa: Servus, Cluj!

Locuitorii din Genova saluta Clujul! este un proiect al bloggerilor clujeni împreună cu Asociaţia “Cluj-Napoca – Capitală Culturală Europeană”, realizat cu sprijinul TNT Romania,, Sam Mills Distribution, Skobbler, Sykes, Orange Romania, Vitrina Advertising si Class Fiscal Consulting.

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